2017 Highlights

2017 was a tough year for many reasons. But looking back, the same experiences that made it so intense now serve as a reminder that there's still so much good and beauty in the world.  Here are some favorite highlights from the year. 

(1)  Exploring Southwest (Arizona, New Mexico, West Texas). In Marfa, we watched Solange perform Scales at the Chinati foundation in front of Donald Judd's untitled works. Amazing! (2) Participated in the historic Women's March, and soon after, the Muslim Ban rally in Washington DC; (3) Traveled to Roatan, Honduras, and swam alongside the world's second largest barrier reef; (4) Traveled to Hargeisa and Mogadishu, ate some camel burgers and grilled lobsters; (5) Kicked-off Pineapple and Sally's Middle Name's Food in America dinner series in DC (what!) (6) Continued to explore interior Sindh and Karachi, and then got paid to write about it! (7) Related, became TASTE's first Cook In Residence (OMG), and had an opportunity to interview and photograph Juarez's amazing young chefs; (8) Celebrated Dia De Los Muertos in Mexico City, and Oaxaca; (9) Getting to know Mexico, and it amazing food, people and history; (10) Traveling with, and reconnecting with friends and family in Tucson, Roatan, San Francisco, Nairobi, Mexico City, Oaxaca, Alaska, Dubai, and of course, Pakistan.

What a year. Happy 2018 everyone!